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Boost SEO together with Google Analytics

Google Analytics are one of the best way to measure Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. Google Analytics allows to keep track the SEO campaign’s on-going performance in order to generate a successful campaign. Google Analytics help the business to know the traffic of each specific keywords used during the SEO campaign. By monitoring the result at Google Analytics, businesses are able to analyse the possibility outcome of the SEO campaign.

First of all, Google Analytics allows to view the organic search rate from the customer. In the page of channel, it will appear different types of graph such as the most common insight graph, overview widget, goal performance widget, pie chart, stacked columns and more to show the flow and percentage of the specific channel uses in the SEO campaign. Google Analytics allow us to monitor our website traffic.

Yes! It is possible to know the quality by checking the Google index, you are able to know the total number of clicks and views you received per day. By contemplating and analyzing the data from the channels, you are able to justify the most effective channel that helps your business to expand. It is not easy to be fully master in SEO, but it will definitely helped out a lot by working together with Google Analytics. Plus, it will be a total waste by not using this free of charge service as it really help the business to monitor the website’s progression.

The result data of the specific keywords that have been used will be compound together and Google Analytics will analyze out and segmented individually into impressions which customer did not spend time to open it, the amount of clicks from the customer, the cost per click (CPC) and the total amount of value from each different keyword.

The website will be even more fantastic to do a reflective by compiling the datas and analyze each channel’s outcome to know the most efficient channel that is the most valuable and will bring the best traffic to the business. The better the relationship with customer, the stronger the bond with loyalty.

In conclusion, SEO Malaysia perform more efficient by working together with the helpful tools which is Google Analytics to monitor the entire progression.

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