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Enhancing your website’s traffic smartly (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps the business to be found easily on the Google Search Result Page (SERP). It also refers to organic search which represent the highest amount of click in the search result. Always consider of monitoring your website traffic to analyse the result from time to time.

SEO are considered a more “updated” method to attract customer instead of using the outbound physical approaching method such as cold calling the customer, constantly sending emails and text message to customer, frequent pop up advertisement on the webpage, giving out leaflets and many more. The main reason that why people do not appreciate these promotion method is because it gives out a feeling of pushing marketing. These old ways of promoting the business will only cause the business to have high investment but low return and also difficult to receive feedbacks from customer. Some of them will prefer to custom made their own keyword as well.

On the other hand, inbound method will be using “pull” instead of push method to attract customer and that results inbound to become more worthy to invest for business. Inbound allows business to monitor and measure the progress of advertising in multi channel, reduce the unnecessary cost and in the same time targeting more potential customer from different location.

Instead of forcing customer to pay attention to your product or services, considered of starting up an official web design, writing blogs, updating the latest information on different social platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, Onpage SEO and pay per click to advertise your business.

Onpage SEO are controlled directly from the web page itself to make it in the top ranking page. It required specific keywords in order to be found easily by customer. It required specific strategies which required catching customers’ attention in short period of time. Specific keywords, page speed, tags like meta tags and heading tags are also one of the strategies for Onpage SEO to stand out against all. The keywords are extracted from the titles, heading and subheading which represent the business. When customer search those keywords on Google, it automatically appears the highest ranking website on the first page.

On the whole, SEO Malaysia benefits businesses in many ways and help to achieve the desirable outcome.

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