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How Web design allowed creative freedom

Websites represent the social identity of the user should the one to make alone mark in the online atmosphere. Websites were at its early stage used to only be a platform to simply display your content through simple and structured designs that at the very least displayed their work. In the Web Design Malaysia environment, as the technology for designs evolves over time, designs began to become more creative. Sites like the iconic space jam showed even in the early days how even software that was already there could be used in a unique manner in order to create a wonderful and creative site, the navigation in your website are very important, as it plays a useful role here.

These also eventually changed with the introduction of new software and apps that allow users to stylize and add elements that shows just how far they can go to create the website that they wanted.

The creation of cascading style sheets allow the users to add various animations and as mentioned styles and place them into the coding of the website that makes it usable. This also makes the coding and integration of it much more simple as for the most part, people would incorporate the CSS before the start of the coding.

Oh, and one more thing, website viewed in desktop and viewed in mobile apps is different. So you need to make a user friendly which is duo-way available to customer. This would also evolve when software and apps began to pop up that allows users to create and customise their websites without having to learn or understand coding. This software also add plugins which help make various other parts of the website creation simplified or adding more options for how you would want to edit your work. Websites are now much more accessible for anyone to create and edit and the creative freedom has cultivated a resurgence of various animation styles such as the parallax scrolling effect which made it so that the background and foreground moved in different speeds to create the illusion of having a 3-dimensional website, especially when it linked with SEO, after that to analyse and monitor the progress through Google Analytics. Basically it is all linking with each other.

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