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Jessica & Rick are engaged! // Jacksonville Engagement Photographer

A few years back, before Stephen and I teamed up, I had the pleasure of photographing a fashion shoot for Jessica.  It was pictures she wanted simply for herself during a time when she was single and fabulous and learning to stand on her own two feet as a woman.  Come to find out, all these years later, it was during a time she and her then boyfriend now finance Rick were taking a break.  Their love story dates back to 1996, and having been high school sweethearts, their relationship lead to an engagement that they realized wasn’t the right for them then.  After taking a few years off from each other, they realized in the past year, their hearts are never far from each other and that in the end, they were simply meant to be together in the end.  A few weeks ago, Rick brought her previous engagement ring out of the safety deposit box he had it stored in all this time, and this time around, told her to put it back on and never take it off again.  As Jessica said, “I’ve come to realize that he is the man I can live with and the man I cannot live without.”  And as we watched Rick embrace the love of his life, Stephen and I could see it in his eyes that he felt the same about her.  ”I am very excited that I have my heart back!” Jessica said.

Here’s some of our favorite photos below from their engagement session!

p.s. Fun fact about Rick… you might recognize him from a recent E! television show.  He was a character on the Ryan Lochte show that aired this summer.