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Metal Signage: Aluminium Vs. Stainless Steel

Are you a fan of metal? No, I’m not talking about metal rock stars nor metal rock songs you listen to. I’m talking about metal signage you would put at the upfront of your store to attract your customers! Everyone knows that a good signage is the one with high readability without fancy lettering, vibrant yet professional colours, durable as well as comes with a suitable size. However, when we talk about metal signage, which metal is better at it? Aluminium or stainless steel?

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First and foremost, let’s look at the strength of both metals. In general, aluminium is weaker compared to stainless steel. Stainless steel is preferable in making signs due to its nature which is hard to be dented. However, if you are to compare between these two in terms of weight ratio, aluminium signage maker malaysia would win without competing, for sure.

Let’s move on to the workability of these two metals. Now that you know stainless steel is hard, and stronger when compared to aluminium, you need to take note that the working process to take down this metal according to your desired shape will be extra difficult. On the other side, aluminium is more elastic and pretty much softer than the former, thus making it easier to work on and be shaped accordingly.

Now, comes the cost of both metals. In this aspect, you might want to consider aluminium to be your preference if you are trying to save up your budget. Stainless steel is much costly when compared to its aluminium counterpart. In term of aesthetical values, both are good in appearance and could come in all sorts of finishes. It really is up to you to choose.

As for durability, aluminium is less durable than stainless steel due to its lighter in weight which somehow could not withstand heavy weather. Stainless steel on the other hand, is much more durable as it is heavier in weight and having the nature of scratch resistant which makes it more adaptable to harsh climate.

In conclusion, there are pros and cons which come from both stainless steel and aluminium. Now that you have all the information needed to pick the best metal for your signage, the choice is all yours to make. All the best!

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