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The Goodness of Palm Oil

The Goodness of Palm Oil

Are you a palm oil smallholders looking for MSPO certification for your plantation? Looking to find the best palm field for your next project? Well, before that, why not consider a palm tree fertiliser for palm plants your house rather than the one in the vast field? I mean if you love it that much, why not try having one in your personal space instead?

Do you know there are plenty types of palm trees which you can plant indoor? They are very exclusive looking and will definitely decorate your room to it utmost perfection! So here are a few examples of the indoor palms you might want to consider buying for your house or perhaps office.

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First and foremost, you can try looking for the sago palm tree. It has stiff leaves which stick out upright from the trunk and it makes it looks like a pineapple. It is a good choice for your indoor selection as the growth is real slow and it will need you to baby it up with light and attention all the time. Yo have to water it sparingly to prevent crown rotting. The life span usually lasts up to 15 years of time.

Apart from that, you can also look out for yucca plam! It does not have anything related to yuckiness, no worries! Other sobriquets of this palm are Spanish bayonet and stick yucca. It has some kind of razor leaves but fret not, as the pointy tips will not bleed your finger! It is said to be so tolerant of the drought thanks to its thick stem. You can get a source of vitamin C from eating the leaves of this palm.

The last but not least would be the cascade palm which doesn’t have a central trunk. It has a number of leaves growing from it’s clump though. It used to be found in low wetlands such as streams in its original habitat in the forest. Proper irrigation is needed if you wish to keep this type. Keep it shady and dim as well.

All in all, there are many species of palm you need to know if you really love palms!