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Tips in Ensuring the Success of Your Wedding Day

Tips in Ensuring the Success of Your Wedding Day

No matter how careful we are, a chance of pitfalls are still possible, especially that there are also other people who will be part of what you prepared for. Like for example if you are planning for your upcoming wedding now, you really have to be extra meticulous, to ensure that this important moment of your life will not end up in a disaster. Yes, you surely want this day to be perfect as after all, this only happens once in a lifetime. This should be planned perfectly as much as possible.

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These tips below might not be absolutely necessary, but they can be triggers for some things you have not considered. Check them out:

Don’t Forget Your Bar

Do you serve drinks on your wedding? Then make sure that this will not be a cause of concerns on the big day. See to it that the number of bartenders can effectively serve your guests. Note that most of the time, one bartender can only serve 50 people to keep everything in line. That said, if you have more than 50 guests, you should already hire another bartender, especially if you plan to enjoy more hours on this day.

Always Leave a Room for Miscellaneous in Your Budget

Even if you think you have covered everything in your budget, things can still make some left turns and some of them might need money. So that you won’t end up dealing with stressful complications when you should be stress-free and beautiful on your big day, it is advisable to always make some allowances when budgeting.

Be Honest with Your Vendors

You don’t need to feel awkward with your chosen vendors. Note that in this event, they are supposed to be your allies. They are there to assist you so your wedding will be as you expected. That said, you have to feel free in consulting to them whatever it is you want even if at times, it is not included in their programmed services. After all, they can always say no while at the same time, they can also bend some of their created rules and say yes!

Last Minute Planning

Though it is always advisable to plan your event early, but there are also situations when this can work on your favor. In fact, when you are already in this situation, your bargaining power would seem to level up as well like you are now in a desperate mood. You can also become resourceful and end up with more affordable terms.

Invited Guests

For sure you don’t expect all your invited guests to be present, right? In fact, there is a good chance some of them won’t be able to make it, especially if the location of the wedding is too far from them. Aside from that, there are other possible reasons why they can’t, so you should expect for this and consider this when making some other arrangements like the caterer, the venue and so on.

Kids Policy

When it comes to kids, this can get tricky. But one thing you can do is to be fair. If you won’t allow kids in your party, that should include everyone, unless the kids are part of your entourage. No one should bring kids just because the parents are close to you or because you are relatives. However, if you don’t want this to be a reason, they can’t attend your big day, you can just hire someone that will specifically look for the kids in one of your relatives’ homes. This should be the best option.

Favor Your People

When time will come when you have to cut off your guest list because of financial matters, you should prioritize your people. Some will cut off their close relatives first thinking they will understand, and they can’t say not so their friends. However, that should not be the case and instead, you should start from the guests who are farthest from, relation wise until you attain the ideal number of guests.

One Step at a Time

When planning for a wedding, you should give it enough time, so you won’t be in a rush. Note that you need to take one step at a time, and it should be in order. If you won’t have enough time to deal with this, it is best that you hire a wedding planner. This does not mean that she will have the upper hand. In fact, you can just make her your assistant or of course, you can also let her take charge with you making orders behind.

Driving Directions

This is one of the most missed parts when inviting guests for any event. You need to offer accurate driving directions unless you don’t really want them to be there. You see, not all guests are familiar with your venue and in fact, some might be from other places. To ensure they will arrive on time and on the right venue, you need to give them guidance.

Actually, you can only do so much. Even if you will also do everything mentioned above, this cannot guarantee an absolute successful outcome. You just have to enjoy your big day no matter how it will go. As long as you did your best, there should be no room for regrets. This is the day where everyone should be happy, especially you and your partner.

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