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Tips of keyword to boost SEO

The keywords that involved in the SEO is the linkage between the business and customer. It is impossible for the customer to remember each and every company’s name. Therefore, using the right keywords is very important in order to stand out from the crowd.

First, be clear on the target audience by allocating the age range, races, gender, income etc. There is no possible to target all types of customer in one shot.

Specific keywords like longtail, synonym and lucrative keyword are also one of the best way to win over the competitors. By applying the right yet unique keyword to represent the company will help to boost the awareness to a wider range and reaching out to more potential customer. A good keyword will lead you to higher traffic.

Longtail keyword are slightly less competitive is it required more sentences. Customer that usually type the whole sentences of the question will have higher chance to found the company that uses longtail keyword for the business. Usually longtail keyword will be appearing on the top of the main page in Google search as the keywords are rare and are combined with different keywords. Company are able to show the creativity by creating new keyword to appear in the SEO.

Businesses often use synonym which known as the similar meaning but different words to replace the original keyword to stand out from the crowd as well. For example, instead of using the word of “college”, company will use “higher level education” to replace the original word. The similar keywords that have been used to replaced the original sentences in a particular company must be in the same definition.

Lucrative keywords are the lowest ranking in Malaysia as these keywords requires a certain cost for boosting purpose. Different keyword under lucrative range requires different prices as most of the small to medium company would not consider to invest in lucrative keywords. Although some company have the budget on investing in lucrative keywords, lucrative keywords is not the priority choice for the company as those well known companies do not need any “special new” keywords to boost the awareness unless the company needs to expand the business to new market and different location.

In conclusion, keyword will define the ranking in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It is important to reach a higher ranking in SEO Malaysia in order to be the “special one” among the competitor. Monitor your website traffic like how you handle your relationship with everyone.

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